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Good Health Tips For Feeling Great

In the past several years it has come to the attention of myself and my family that doctors don’t really know as much as they think they know. Or maybe the real question is: as much as we the people think they know. How do we treat our doctor… Like he knows everything and we know nothing about our health? Do we allow our doctors to take responsibility for our health or do we take responsibility for ourselves? Yes, doctors are well trained. The problem is that if the product or procedure that needs to be done for us to make us healthy, doesn’t make money then it is not taught in the schools that doctors go to for training. So unless you have an open

Good Health Tips

Cyndi Redmond

minded doctor you will not necessarily find out about anything that doesn’t make money for them, especially products and nutrition that don’t have side effects and are all natural.

I am not saying that doctors are no good, they do have their place but they are for the most part very closed minded about natural health. If you are in an accident; yep you need a doctor to put you back together again. Yes there are a few other situations that they are very helpful also. Because of the slap happy law system, doctors are also afraid of a lawsuit if they stray out of the confines of traditional AMA medicine mode. Unfortunately that doesn’t help the consumer much.

Good Health Tips number 1: Alternative Medicines

Avoid medications at any and all circumstances that you possibly can. There are those times that it is a must, then do it. I have seen how medications have ruined several lives of loved ones in my family. I didn’t use antibiotics when my children were growing up. I just didn’t need them. I used homeopathic natural medicine, herbs and vitamins. My job on this website is to share healthy information with the world.

Good health tips number 2: How Can I have more Energy?

Take the time and energy to find out more about your body and what it needs. What makes you feel good, what makes you feel bad. Is it something you are eating, drinking, taking? Mind you I am not recommending that you do energy drinks to help you have energy. You should have energy without energy drinks including coffee. I am not harping on coffee. I am one of those rare folks that even hates the smell of coffee and certainly you won’t find me drinking it.  That said, a cup of coffee once in a while because you like it is fine. I would mention here that you should at least drink good quality maybe even organic coffee. One place you can find to start your research is a book call How to Eat Healthier to Keep the Doctor Away it is written by me and full of great information.

Good Health Tips number 3: Home Natural Remedies

There are so many natural remedies that are safe and effective, that do no harm. There are very few medications that don’t have side effects much less serious side effects. Natural remedies help our bodies to be healthy without side effects and it costs very little. We can be much healthier on natural foods and remedies than on the medications that are chemically put together. This is probably the most important of the good health tips.

Good Health Tips number 4: What is Health Education for Ourselves?

Just think what this would do to our health care system if we took care of ourselves. If we choose to go to the doctor or emergency room for everyday stuff then we need to pay the doctor out of our own pocket, not the healthcare system.  We need national health education so that people can start taking responsibility for themselves. Go to the doctor when necessary but not for all the everyday stuff that we go there for now. This is a big part of what is overwhelming our health care system.  We need to take responsibility for ourselves unless it is an emergency. We need our health insurance but between the side effects of the medications, the lawyers and people that want to sue every time you turn around, health care insurance has become unaffordable for most of us.

Good Health Tips number 5: Natural Health Foods

Not every medication or every natural remedy works for everyone as we are all different. But we can usually find something that works for our situation. By eating healthier and using all natural products when we are not completely well can make a real difference. By hanging out on this website as I continue to write you will learn a lot. I am doing everything from natural remedies, weight loss in a healthy way, to reviewing books that are excellent to have in your home library.

Good Health Tips number 6: How To Eat Healthier to Keep the Doctor Away!

One more thought here. I recently wrote a book called How to Eat Healthier to Keep the Doctor Away. It is basic good nutrition especially not buying the processed food and how to get around doing that.

Just to put this in here…I am a person that loves learning. Everything in this website is based on my opinion. This does not replace the relationship you have with a qualified health practitioner whether he or she be natural or other wise. This is to be education only and not medical advice.

Good Health Tips number 7: Add Sea Vegetables to your diet.

In the last year I have started another website as well as a site on Etsy, called The Maine Sea Kitchen. The website address is On that site I have much information about why you should be eating sea vegetables. They can take a not as healthy diet and just by adding the sea vegetables to your diet can improve you nutritional value of your food drastically.

Enjoy the Good Health Tips that you will find here!