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Coconut Oil Health Benefits

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Coconut Oil Health Benefits

Before I get too far into what I want to say about Coconut oil health benefits, I want to say that I am only talking about pure, virgin, non-processed (no high heat processing), non-hydrogenated, organic coconut oil. If you buy something other than this you will have coconut oil health detriments for your body. Hydrogenated oil of any kind adds to your bad LDL cholesterol. The coconut oil health benefits are only from the good coconut oil which gives

Coconut Oil Health

Nutiva, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

you the good HDL cholesterol. So as long as it is not hydrogenated it contains no bad cholesterol or transfats. This being said whenever I refer to anything coconut be sure to read it as pure, virgin, organic, non-processed coconut oil.

I found this quote about coconut oil health benefits from Kevin Trudeau. His book called Natural Cures Revealed says on Page 203 “Unrefined, pure, organic, virgin coconut oil is a product that falls in that “miraculous” category. All you do is take one tablespoonful in the morning and one tablespoonful in the late afternoon. If you do this every day for thirty days, here is what you could find. High blood pressure can be a thing of the past. Circulation problems vanish. Mood swings, gone. Depression, lifted. Constipation, cured. Arthritis pain, reduced or eliminated. Cancer, in remission. Cholesterol, normalized. Acid reflux and heartburn, diminished or gone forever. Oh, and here is a major side effect: If you are overweight, you will probably lose ten pounds.” He goes on from there on how great it is.

I agree to a point. I can’t say I have tested it all out yet. Organic virgin unprocessed coconut oil health benefits are fantastically good for you.

One of the other Coconut oil health benefits is that is has enough Omega 6 fatty acids in 2 tablespoons per day to not need any more than that. Now as far as Omega 3 fatty acids we still need to supplement our diet with that. Coconut oil has no Omega 3 fatty acids in it.

I keep hearing that coconut oil health benefits are how great it is for those with Alzheimer disease. It helps to prevent it as well as it can actually bring people back from some of the terrible side effects from it. I am not saying that it cures Alzheimer’s it but I am saying that it definitely helps a lot. I have been reading information from Dr. Mary Newport. Her husband has Alzheimer Disease. She started doing research on the disease and found that one of the major things that causes Alzheimer’s is almost like a diabetes of the brain. He was tested and could not do the ‘clock’ test that they give to Alzheimer’s patients to see how far gone they are. He also couldn’t read any longer. Both of those things improved over a period of time with Coconut oil. Her book Dr. Mary Newport: Alzheimer’s Disease, What if There Was a Cure? contains some very interesting information, both personal as well as the scientific research.

Coconut Oil Health Benefits

So why does this stuff work? I am going to try to not get very technical here so very simply, the studies are finding that Alzheimer’s disease is basically a diabetes of the brain. Insulin is what is used for diabetes of the body, but they are finding that insulin does just about nothing in an Alzheimer’s patient, as the brain cells become resistant to insulin. Therefore the brain is not allowing the sugars to be absorbed which starves the brain to death. In order for us to have energy our organs must take up the sugars from our blood cells. The coconut oil health benefits are that it is one of the best forms of triglycerides which once the liver breaks it down becomes keytones. This is what most of our cells use for energy including in the brain. It is very much more complicated than this but this is a nutshell. By the way most of coconut oil does not get stored as fat in our system it is used by the body for our good health. I have also seen mentioned that it is good for Parkinson’s disease as well as seizures.

Obviously one of the biggest things that we all need to do is to change our eating habits. Many preservatives such as nitrates and nitrites have been linked to destroying our immune system. A little at a time the government (hm do I trust that?) says is OK. But over a long period of time is it really OK? There are studies out there that have shown that Diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease is on a very rapid rise just since 1980. Our diets and what the food producers work very hard at shoving down our throats is not very good. Work diligently to buy local foods and meats. If you can buy organic do so. I have found that I feel so much better when that is what I eat without all the chemicals that our bodies don’t need or like.

OK, yes I got side tracked. Back to Coconut Oil Health Benefits. As far as calories of coconut oil it is about the same as the other oils. It can be replaced in recipes for both solid or liquid oils. I have made pie crust with it (you just need to use warm water or milk rather than cold and it works fine). I have replaced butter several times now… even in fudge and it is fine. I can’t say I have replaced all my oils with it as I still enjoy olive oil especially if it is seasoned with garlic. Two things I do is grilled cheese and french toast, instead of butter in the pan or on the bread I cook these items with coconut oil.  I have been having fun experimenting with different ways of using coconut oil.

There are always those people that want to supplement their diet with capsules or pills. Unfortunately it doesn’t really work very well as a capsule of coconut oil has about 1 gram of coconut oil in it. A tablespoon of coconut oil has about 14 grams. What Kevin Trudeau was saying about taking 2 tablespoons per day is about right. So therefore you would be taking 28 capsules per day. That is a lot of pills and that doesn’t count taking a good multiple vitamin pill. If someone is in the midst of Alzheimer’s disease they should take considerably more. Some people will have stomach problems with too much oil. Just start out with a few teaspoons per day and go up from there as your body gets used to it.

Just to give you a great little recipe of ” Fudge” which came from Dr. Mary Newport. 1 cup coconut oil and one cup chocolate chips. Melt them together and voila a great way to eat the coconut oil without the boring taste of plain coconut oil. You can add dried fruit to it or coconut flakes or chips.

I have included links to be able to buy it from VitaCost. I am noticing that the prices are going up. I am trying to stay on top of it so that I can continue to offer the best price. Some of the offerings have free shipping others do not, be sure to take note of that. Coconut Oil Health Benefits are many, it will be great for you to start using it.

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