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Easy Diet Plan

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What is an easy diet plan?

OK, So I said I wouldn’t use the word diet but here I am doing an easy diet plan blog post. I am using it in the way that it is what we eat. It is important that we follow an easy diet plan to make it so that we will stick to what ever plan we choose for this all important decision.  When we look to achieve something that can change our lives it has to be easy to understand and it has to be easy to follow. It has to be comfortable as it has to be a life long choice.

What do we all do when we go on a ‘diet’? We start thinking about all the things that we need to eat to lose

Easy Diet Plan

Good food for an easy diet plan

weight and how boring they are, but then what… we start to think about all the things that we are missing out on eating… especially if a piece of our favorite cheese cake or chocolate cake passes in front of our nose… even if that is 25 feet away it feels like it is under our nose. What if there is a way of eating that you could call it an easy diet plan or easy eating plan. What if it actually took the thinking right out of what to eat, at each time during the day? I am at home and I find myself grazing all the time,(what goodies can I find to eat?). It is very hard to maintain or lose any weight this way. With this easy diet plan in place I am not grazing all the time. I am full from my last meal and it isn’t very far to my next meal therefore I don’t graze anymore.

OK with an easy diet plan in place what can we expect to accomplish?

We can balance our metabolism because we are getting the correct balance of proteins and carbohydrates into our bodies that make our metabolism work faster and better. This information has been researched so that this plan is completely balanced and it works to make our metabolism speed increase to help us to burn off the extra calories that we eat.

On the same thought one of the things that we need to be looking at also is our fluid intake. What are we drinking and how much of it. Water is the most important substance that we can be drinking. At very minimum we should be drinking half our body weight in ounces. So if you weigh 150 pounds you should be drinking 125 oz of water or clear liquid. Not juice, coffee and especially not soda.

A word on soda here, this is so important that I must side track to it for a while. Any soda (usually diet) with aspartame in it is poison to our bodies. It turns to several toxic chemicals in the heat of our bodies, one is formaldehyde as well as others that I can’t pronounce. It can do serious damage in our bodies. Studies have shown that regular soda can lead to dramatic increases in fats and some of them are hard to detect fats such as liver and skeletal fats. It has the potential to drastically raise our cholesterol as well. Some sodas also have other toxic chemicals in them such as BVO which is brominated vegetable oil which doesn’t sound too bad until you know what they use it for…it is a flame retardant. Too much of that and you are hurting… memory loss, nerve disorders are just a few of the problems. The last problem with soda that I will mention is that high-fructose corn syrup can harm your heart. Just to let you know that if you really crave a soda once in a while there are many natural sodas out there that are made with fruit juices and natural sweeteners that even though they are not perfect they aren’t harmful either. I would still recommend that you read the label even if it says “all natural”.

Back to Easy Diet Plan,

When you are working on your easy diet plan to lose weight it is good to drink much more water. You may think that your body will become water logged but not so. As you drink more your body will start working better getting rid of the toxic waste that is in your body. That we need to get rid of to make us feel better and stay healthy It makes all things in your body work a bit better. If you can get yourself up to drinking several quarts of water per day that is the ideal and it doesn’t matter if it is hot or cold.

A quick side note here. In an easy diet plan you can add many non-caffeinated teas out there that as long as you are not sweetening and putting milk or a creamer in are considered clear liquids. These count towards your water for the day. If you need to sweeten a little bit I highly recommend liquid Stevia. A couple of drops are perfect and good for you also (even diabetics). Just be careful not to put too much in, if you do it will turn bitter, so put a drop or 2 in then taste it and if you need a bit more add it just a drop at a time as it is super sweet. If I remember correctly it is 1 teaspoon equals a cup of sugar. I have added a link for stevia at the bottom of my page here, I am not sure if you can get it less expensively at your local health food store or grocery store. The only thing I could find was a 2 pack that was not flavored. Nothing wrong with the flavored but with some teas you won’t want the flavoring.

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