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How to Increase Metabolism

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How to increase metabolism rate in our body.

Hmmm How to increase metabolism or maybe a better question is what is metabolism and how do we learn to use it to make it help us to lose weight and/or feel better. I know this is the boring stuff but it is important so I want to touch on it first.

What is metabolism: why is it so important?

From I found this definition. “Biology, Physiology . the sum of the physical and chemical processes in an organism by which its material substance is produced, maintained, and destroyed, and by which energy is made available.” says: “… The term is commonly used to refer specifically to the breakdown of food and its transformation into energy.”

OK enough of the technical stuff. Let’s get into the meat of the matter:

Metabolism is the mechanism in our body that helps us to make use of the food that we eat. So what is metabolism: it works in our body to give us energy and it breaks down what our body no longer needs to get rid of the waste. It also builds our bodies to help us stay strong and healthy.

The type of nutrition that we put in our bodies will also make a huge difference in how to increase metabolism.

If we eat the wrong food we can slow metabolism in our body. How do we feel when our metabolism is slow and our food is not being used at a rate to get rid of our wastes and give us energy quickly enough? How do you feel a little while after eating a candy bar… the sweet taste is gone so we no longer have that enjoyment but the ‘tireds’ are taking over. We lose our energy level. So how to increase metabolism in our bodies?

We are an overweight society in desperate need of eating better quality food and feeling better. But is that the total answer? How to increase metabolism is one of the most important things we need to do to lose weight.

You may ask why is it that I have to lose weight if I am happy the way I am? No one has to do anything that they don’t want to do, but what about our health do we want to be sickly or have a much greater chance of becoming ill? What about being around for our family, is that important? If we are eating foods and drinking things that add weight to our belly fat, is that harming us?

You betcha! As I am doing extra research to add to the knowledge that I already have in my head (I have always fought with my weight). I am being caught off guard by the fact that studies are showing that belly fat in particular leads to inflammation. Inflammation leads to all kinds of diseases! Wow! Heart disease, diabetes, cancer… and so many more diseases. Most disease of any kind is now being linked to inflammation. I will be doing another blog on inflammation so I won’t get too deeply involved in that right now. I also recently wrote a book about How to Eat Healthier to Keep the Doctor Away. Check it out on Amazon.

Are there things that we can do and eat to help us know how to increase metabolism rate? Absolutely! If you are looking to lose weight then you need to find a program that gives all not just some of the ways of how to increase metabolism.

How to increase metabolism

Excellent way to walk for great exercise

How to increase metabolism is of course eating the right foods, but also at the right time, at the right amount and the right kind of exercise. By keeping our bodies moving and eating at the right times and amounts it is amazing what we can do to get the weight off without it being difficult. Changing the way we think about our bodies is so important. Regardless of how we aim to lose our weight the combination of burning (which is metabolism) more calories than we take it is the key! It doesn’t matter if you can do hard exercises to start out with or not doing more movement than you are right now is important. Being given a set of exercises to work towards and as we achieve them will also make us feel great about ourselves.

OK we all know that exercise can be boring… but what if you make sure that it isn’t… get involved in great music, a movie or take a walk on a beautiful day. Do something to make it fun and one of the best ways to do that is to find a partner. It is a big piece in learning how to increase our metabolism.

Easy: oh yes any program that you may choose to do to lose weight and how to increase metabolism rate has to be easy. What if you don’t even have to think about what you are eating each day… You can if you choose to prepare it all at once for the whole week, then just pull the containers out of the fridge and eat or cook.

Now are we going on a diet? No, DIET is a bad 4 letter word. When we diet we actually put our bodies in a mode to slow metabolism. If the diet is lean enough we can actually put our body into a starvation mode where it wants to keep us from being able to increase metabolism rate. Also diet implies that it will be short term time period. No! in order for us to lose weight and maintain it, we must change our lifestyle for the answer to how to increase metabolism. So we need to be thinking about how to increase metabolism and changing the way we think about eating and what is going in our mouth. Going up and down in weight is really bad for us, it is better not to lose weight at all to start out with, if we don’t change our thinking about health and what we eat. If our thinking has changed we will be much more likely to maintain a slimmer body than to gain it back. Not only will it be nice to be able to maintain it but if we have to loose it all over it again it will be harder for us the next time around as our body wants to maintain a weight. We can choose to be at a higher weight or a lower weight.

The program that we work with must be at least 12 weeks long to really make a habit of eating and working out correctly so we can maintain our results. We need to develop mind sets and ways of thinking to change our life and our body.

So how to increase metabolism is a great question.

Is there anything out there that deals with metabolism and weight loss and is easy… Yes. There is if you Click here you will find a video or 2 and solid information  that will help you to get the answers you are seeking to become comfortable in your weight and size again. Click here to see some fantastic results. Once you have seen these videos and read the information you will have found how to increase metabolism in your body.

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