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Not Just A Pretty Face, The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry, by Stacy Malkan

This is a book that I read a while ago that really changed the way I thought. I thought that it would be boring and not at all fun to read but… It really opened my eyes even further as to why I should not trust the AMA (American Medical Association) or the FDA or any government agency that says it is trying to protect us.

I used to think that the pink ribbon for breast cancer research was a good thing… NO IT IS NOT… Before you get angry with me read this book… A couple of good reasons that women are getting breast cancer so much is… The skin care that we use is full of cancer causing chemicals as well as hormone chemicals that can harm baby boys in particular in the womb and the hormone replacement therapy. Our skin is our larges organ and we are smearing carcinogenic chemicals all over it. It absorbs into our skin.

What has really disgusted me the most is that Europe has banned the use of these chemicals in skin care and all these companies still sell their product in Europe, so they know how to get the chemicals out. They choose to continue to make the skincare product with the chemicals here in the US because the cosmetic industry is policing itself (is this the fox guarding the hen house?) Also because the Pink Ribbon breast Cancer foundations just want the money from all the promotions that the big cosmetic companies want to give them (pink ribbons help sell products) and won’t say anything to the cosmetic industry to stop the money flowing in to them.

Skin cancer, hmmm… which is more dangerous for causing cancer? The suns rays or sun block? Most sun block is very carcinogenic. There are some out there but you had better read the label.

I am putting this book review out there as a way for you to do your own research on the cosmetic industry here in the US. It is bad news. This book has all the footnotes and will point you in the right direction for some serious changes.


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