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Natural Herbal Remedies

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Natural Herbal Remedies is the best way to take responsibility for your health and healing!

I have to put in a plug for my favorite book on natural herbal remedies. I have reviewed it in another post. It is called Be Your Own Doctor, by Rachel Weaver M.H. I will be referring to many of the natural herbal remedies that she talks about in her book. It is the best resource book that I have and so much so that I will not lend it out. I have many other books on natural herbal remedies but none that I use as much as this book.

I have been learning about natural herbal remedies over the last 30 years. I have dabbled in homeopathy as well as just good nutrition. I wrote a book about that called How to Eat Healthier to Keep the Doctor Away. There is a reason I named it that…If you eat healthier you don’t need a doctor nearly as much as if you don’t. Chemicals in our food and medicines are dangerous. They cause inflammation in us which is the major cause of most disease in our body. When you change your eating habits you get healthier and feel better. I also want to mention here that I am not prescribing anything here but I am telling you my story. Each and every person is different and nothing including medications work on everyone.

I have also been experimenting with essential oils as well as natural herbal remedies and plants.

I am having a blast saving myself the doctor visit cost as well as the hassle and medication cost. In the book Be Your Own Doctor she talks about Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) (not the junk from the grocery store) it has to have the ‘stuff’ in the bottom that is called ‘mother’ as being very good for you digestion. I have a friend who tried it for digestion and he was very impressed with the results. One of the other things it is great for is removing warts and moles from your skin. Take a very small piece of cotton soak it with the ACV and tape it on to the spot of the mole and depending on the size of the mole (wart) 2 to 3 weeks and it is gone…I had a few that had been there for years and they are gone for good! I will tell you that it can be a bit painful, but if you have them burned or cut off it hurts also. This is one of many natural herbal remedies that Rachel Weaver talks about in her book.

Essential oils are great…A couple of words of caution when using them… wash your hands with soap after using any essential oil… most of them will burn your eyes if you touch them with the oils still on your finger. If you buy a large quantity you will find them pretty expensive. When you do use you will use very little a drop at a time. a third or half an ounce will last a long time. With essential oils I have read and Rachel talks about it that Lavender essential oil is very good for burns. I have not tried that yet as I have used the aloe plant slit in half and taped it on to the burn for a few hours with fantastic results, no pain and no scar. Oregano essential oil I love for bug bites, poison ivy and I am hoping (as soon as I get one of those nasty white caterpillars which I always do during the summer) to use it on that. I have not found anything better for relieving the itch and reducing the swelling. It does sting a little bit for a few minutes but it works very well.

2 other essential oils that I use are… citronella for getting rid of bugs. I use small amounts on my skin and especially on my hat if I am wearing one. DON’T get it near the eyes again of course. The second one is cypress oil. I had a friend tell me that if you take a drop of that and put it on your tongue as you are just feeling that you might get a cold it stops it in its tracks! So far it has worked like a charm. Again with essential oils you are using so little it is ridiculous. It will last a long time even a very small jar.

What about natural herbal remedies:

Cayenne is fantastic for circulation, hands down. I have been using it lately and my spider veins in my legs are lightning up. If someone is having a stroke or heart attack, call 911 ” and then while you are waiting give them a glass of cayenne water, 1/2  – 1 teaspoon of powder in a glass of warm water if they are awake and alert. If not, rub the powder onto their gums or give them cayenne tincture drop by drop into their mouth, taking care not to choke them. Repeat dose in a few minutes, especially if the person is not responding. When you administer cayenne orally you will likely increase the circulation enough to bring the needed oxygen to the brain. This will greatly improve his chance of living.” pp 43 Be Your Own Doctor, Rachel Weaver M.H. She has much more written about this as it is well worth the price of the book. Not to mention how much money I have saved on expensive medicines that won’t work nearly as well as some of these natural herbal remedies do.

What about poisons and spider bites and natural herbal remedies? Rachel talks about activated charcoal. I have used this for several things and it works… If my stomach is nauseous I will drink a little, Poultices of charcoal and ground flax seed can draw out from an abscess. If you are having a severe allergy attack from a bee sting or something and you are too far from a doctor a quick help is charcoal in both forms mentioned. It can save your life if you can’t get to a doctor fast enough. What about whitening your teeth…yes charcoal does that also. This one I have tried and yes it does work.

My first thing that I would recommend is to get Rachel Weavers book, Be Your Own Doctor. Then get your self a small but steadily growing start on herbs that you can use at a moments notice… Charcoal is probably the most important one. You will save your self many times at a doctors office feeding the AMA all the money that they don’t need and you will do yourself a favor by being and feeling more healthy from using your own natural herbal remedies. I am including a link here for Starwest Botanicals an excellent company to purchase your supply of natural herbal remedies from. Another source is the Bulk Herb Store and here is the link for that:

Either one will get you quality herbs at reasonable prices. Enjoy your learning time staying away from the doctor with your new natural herbal remedies!

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    How do I get silverman

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      Follow the links on my website and you can buy either the silver water already made which is much more expensive than making it yourself or you can buy the wires and make your own kit or buy a kit there.

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