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America in the Future

What can be said about America in the future. Where does it fit into the world as we know it?

I have just read a most revealing book. It is called The Harbinger, The Ancient Mystery That Holds Secret of America’s Future. It is by Jonathan Cahn. Excellent book. It doesn’t matter if you are Christian or Jew or black or white or anyone else if you love The USA, you need to read this book. I came away from this book with my jaw hanging on the ground as it had so many things in it that all fit together that I had no idea about.

It is written in a form that is a narrative but it is all true. The facts are completely backed up with many foot notes. Did I look them all up, no but enough of them that I was floored.

Is there any tie between America in the future and Ancient Israel?

Is there any resemblance between ancient Israel and the USA? What about 9/11/2001 and our economic collapse and ancient history? How this came to be is beyond my ability to understand. This book sounds like a Hollywood thriller but it is really all real. It gave me my hope back for America in the Future.
I know that we really don’t have to go down the path of Rome or any of the other ancient and not so ancient civilizations that have all passed before us. When our Founding Father’s put this country together they knew what they were doing and when 9/11 happened they tried to wipe us out, but fortunately for us there was the protection of a sycamore tree that keep the most sacred of our founding places in tact! Wow! Wow! Wow! I just didn’t want to put the book down!

I know that many of the media book reviews out there are labeling this book a fiction because of the narrative form of writing. Because of the way the tale is told it could be called that but when you look up all the footnotes you will clearly see that it is not a fiction but a true story!The true story of America in the Future.

I have looked up where to buy the book at the least expensive price and linked to it here. Yes Amazon gives me a tiny kick back for advertising and selling their stuff but it is the best price you can find. I have included links for the book, kindle version and audio version. Don’t hesitate to get this book. I have to say that it is the best and most hopeful book that I have read in a long time.

America in the Future can be hopeful!

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