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What is Starvation and How do We Prevent Starvation in Children

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What is Starvation and How do We Prevent Starvation in Children?

What is Starvation and Can We Prevent Starvation in CHildren

A Picture of Starvation

What is starvation and how can we prevent starvation in children? How can we stop this massive starvation particularly of children? We have a couple of major world problems; unfortunately they don’t always make the headlines on any given day ever. I heard someone compare Japan’s Tsunami to the starvation problem of children. It really makes sense; in the tsunami 18,000 people died. What if we looked at the number of children that die each and every day of starvation? It is right around that same number of 18,000 children per day number. That is like having a Tsunami every day! Wow!!! Why doesn’t that make the headlines? In the year 2012 the number of children that will die of starvation will be between 4 and 5 million! That is 18,000 plus per day, 1 every 4.5 seconds…  Can we Prevent Starvation in Children… mass starvation day after day after day and month into year after year! What is starvation doing to these children in the long run.

You know as Americans we have a tendency to be very generous. What I didn’t know but recently discovered is that out of all the dollars that are donated in this country only about 4% of those dollars get to any of the 3rd world countries where most of the starvation is taking place. This is where the seriousness of what is starvation comes from.

The other major world problem that has aggravated the crisis of how to prevent starvation in children is the global financial mess that has been happening for the last several years. That has hindered the amount of money that people can afford to give to charities, especially those that prevent starvation in children overseas. Let me make my position very clear here. Children in this country may go a bit hungry but never like this. In the USA we have programs that take serious measures to prevent starvation in children here. These children that I am talking about here are dying! It takes a life changing experience to really understand what is starvation in the children I am talking about.

I do believe that there is a way to open the doors to what is starvation and prevent starvation in children.

It comes in a form of a meal pack. A meal pack that is unique in that it is a water-soluble powdered nutritional substance that gives the starving person the critical nutrition they need to survive. This is a first step out of starvation.  Many of the different types of meal packs have to be mixed with oil as well as water. Oil can have problems being shipped all over the world. It can go rancid or leak. This particular meal pack has the oil worked right into the powdered formulation.

This meal pack is delivered by AmeriCares  which has an impeccable record of helping in many ways with charity all around the world.  As an example, when the earthquake hit Haiti, it was one of the first charity organizations with feet on the ground there to prevent starvation of the children right after the quake happened. They had already been there before and during the earthquake feeding starving kids and they were able to ramp up fairly quickly when the major catastrophe hit. AmeriCares takes the problem of what is starvation very seriously. The other thing that AmeriCares does is follows uncompromising security procedures to make sure that the meals get to the intended people groups and does not get taken elsewhere that it was not intended to be. At the moment there have been somewhere near 5 million meals sent overseas via this meal pack program, The countries that it is being sent to presently are El Salvador, Ghana, Haiti, Kenya, Myanmar, Zimbabwe, Mexico, Philippines, Nicaragua and as more of these meal packs are purchased and sent, more countries and areas will be added. I know of no other program that has the potential to prevent starvation in children permanently.

Just to throw paradigm shift into the pile here… let me ask you a question…

When I was young I learned that those who bless others often times are blessed in return. Even when I have done things in secret a blessing often times comes anyway. What if there was a way to earn an income and prevent starvation in children at the same time? If our finances are poor how can we be expected to give? What if there was a way to network with other people and build a mountain that could permanently prevent starvation in children?

If there was a way to bring money back into your pocket while dealing with what is starvation on a world wide basis and sending meal packs to prevent starvation in children

with solid nourishment, don’t you think that it would make it easier to totally prevent starvation in children? If we aren’t being our own best charity case ourselves what is starvation can become a thing of the past.

I challenge you to take a look at this video, called Network Giving. It is the only way that I can see to totally prevent starvation in children around the world. No child should ever have to go through what these children are currently going through. It would be so great to know that all children around the world would go to bed tonight with nutrition in their bellies. Join my anti-starvation team to seriously look at what is starvation and how we can  prevent starvation in children without having 18,000 children dying daily.

12 Responses to What is Starvation and How do We Prevent Starvation in Children

  1. Mike Marigliano says:

    I have had enough. I need to stand up and do more. Knowing that children are dying horrible deaths in such great numbers is not acceptable, as a human being I feel that life cannot just continue going on without cares while this is ocurring. I currently volenteer in several different area’s and give financial support to fight against world hunger, but I still feel like I have my head in the sand, i want to do more. I want everyone to stop and look and feel the pain , and the horror of a child having to live with no hope for tommorow. Tell me more about what your organazation can due. I am not interested in making money, I am interested in waking up our sleeping world so that everyone with a heart will join this fight.

    • Cyndi Redmond says:

      Hi Mike,

      You may not be interested in making money but to wake people up that may be the only way of doing that, especially in this economy. How many people can donate on an on going basis without making extra money to off set the giving. If they are barely feeding their own family they aren’t going to donate food to the millions that need it around the world.

      Because you can make money it can get bigger and bigger each month and never stop. Many people are doing this and feeding so many. The first year that this came out it struggled to send a million meals, I think that actually took about a year and a half or so. It has doubled and tripled since then it is well over 5 million at this point I believe.


    • says:

      only some kind people help

  2. makenize says:

    mostly 25,000 people die a day we need to help but obama is just stading there doing nothing to help

  3. makenize says:

    Hello my name is makenzie and im 13 years old my teacher gave us this asinement for an essay and i like the idea that we can write about it. I think we need to pray to god and help the people who need help instead of sitting on the couch eating a bag of chips and drinking 2 gallons of soda every day. Please help the people that are staving to death.


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  7. Hailey Brown says:

    Imma gonna help stop hunger if its the last thing i do.

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