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The Definition of Stress

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What is the definition of stress …

How do we deal with our every day stresses and still maintain good health? Why is stress so damaging to our bodies? Why is it that some people seem to thrive on stress and others not at all?  No one really knows exactly how stress affects the brain. The definition of stress and how it affects the brain being so complex that it is just not a known factor.

Scientists are relating a “state of vigor test” to measure the stress in our bodies. It seems that when we are stressed our vigor goes down. So within the definition of stress we must include vigor. How do we define vigor? We define vigor as how we feel. There is actually a vigor test that you can check out right here. Check it out and see where rank yourself in the vigor category. In other words how would you really rank yourself?

The Definition of Stress

Definition of Stress


The definition of stress must also include the word homeostasis,

which if we define that term it would mean a maintenance of internal stability. How do we do that? Wow, well let’s see; if we eat correct foods without a lot of chemicals of any kind, we exercise the correct amount, stay out of chemical laden environments and we keep our stress level low… OK, that seems like a lot of work; is that really possible? The first few don’t seem impossible but that last one with all that is happening in our world today, that effects our everyday lives.

The definition of stress many years ago was the “fight or flight” mechanism that God created in us if we had something attacking us. This would cause our body to go into a ready state that was almost super human to meet the problem. Once the problem was gone the hormones that were released would do their job and go away.

These hormones that come from the pituitary gland primarily that keep us even and regulates our bodies in a time of stress. The hormone from the adrenal gland is called cortisol. This hormone is meant to distribute glucose to the organs that need it during the “fight or flight” problem and at the same time acts to suppress the immune system.

Today’s society is very different from back then and now we don’t have the problem of “fight or flight”. What we have today is the constant stress of our job, or our finances, our relationships or even our kids especially, if they are ill, can be stressful at times. Because of this the hormones are injected into our system a little at a time and are not supposed to stay but they do because our systems are under constant bombardment of stress.

Another term that we need to interject into this conversation about the definition of stress is metabolism.

When our bodies are feeling great our hormones and the release of them are in balance, or we could say that they are in a state of homeostasis. There are several hormones that when they are in balance they make up what is called our metabolic balance. If they are out of balance we don’t feel so good. Our vigor level goes down and with that goes our energy level.

Many of us have a tendency to have a coffee or an energy drink at this point. Is that really the best thing to do? It does get us through the moment. When we have coffee or an energy drink what does that do to our body? It brings it up and we have plenty of energy for 2 hours, maybe 3 hours but then it drops us back down again. What if you could wake up every morning and feel great and not need all the coffee and caffeine drinks that we drink all day long to feel great.

When we have metabolic balance we have physical energy, emotional well being and mental clarity.That is what we all strive for. Dragging through each day is not fun and we can put a stop to it. We can do it without caffeine or energy drinks. It helps to make sure that our food that we eat is balanced and not full of sugar and a little exercise helps also. The biggest thing we need to do though is to take a product called Eleviv.

This is an all natural product that balances the cortisol and testosterone level in our bodies. We all have testosterone in our bodies, in a woman’s body it is just in much smaller amounts. This product balances the cortisol and testosterone level in our body, male or female. It has neither of these hormones in the product.  In order for us to redefine the definition of stress in ourselves, you must balance these 2 hormones. If you really want to know what feeling good is like I suggest you do try this product. The tests have found that 80% of the individuals that take this product feel better inside a week. Most of the rest of the 20% will feel better within the first month. There is no product on the market that will work for everyone. But this one comes very close. When you are taking Eleviv the meaning of the definition of stress completely changes.

My recommendation is to take the vigor test now before you start taking Eleviv and then take it again 1 week after starting it and then again 2 weeks after starting it. You will see a big difference in the way you feel and the way your definition of stress changes.


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