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Weight Loss and Exercise

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Weight loss and exercise: how important is exercise in a weight loss program.

Does exercise work better than just changing what you are eating to lose weight? Why is the combination always weight loss and exercise. Why can’t I just cut back on what I eat and lose my weight and not bother with the exercise.

Weight Loss and Exercise

Weight Loss and Exercise

These are some very valid questions when working on losing weight. Diet is very important; but not just diet. What am I putting in my body, is it chemical or is it real food that we were designed to eat. For more information on what constitutes good food you can click here, as I am the author of a straight forward book called How to Eat Healthier to Keep the Doctor Away. What will I feel like while I am dieting or better term would be, learning how to eat healthfully. Will I be full or will I feel like I am starving to death. That depends on how great the choice is for any program that you choose for weight loss and exercise.

When we eat just diet food and depending on which type of diet food it is, will depend on how we feel for the most part as food does play a big part in our energy level. If you want to feel great while on a weight loss and exercise program you will want to take the exercise part of that very serious. It is the exercise part of it that will give you more energy and a great nights sleep. That almost seems like an oxymoron that you get more energy when you exercise but it is true; you do. When you get your body moving it does everything from giving you energy, lessening your chances of heart disease, to lessening your chances of type II diabetes as well as it improves your mental health.

A study called “Fat metabolism and acute resistance exercise in trained men” conducted by East Carolina University found that while aerobic exercise is great for us, their study showed that resistance exercise actually burns more fat. I have read in other places that resistance exercise actually burns calories better over a longer period of time and if you do your aerobic exercise right after your resistance exercise you actually burn even more calories. Now when I talk about resistance exercise so many people think that this means weight lifting and building muscles. I know there are a lot of guys out there that might not mind doing just that, but not too many women. The guys would have to add a lot more resistance than what I am talking about to build muscle. Resistance exercise can help you to increase metabolism, eliminate body fat, and one of the best things is that it can help you to improve your posture which can help back pain. Resistance exercise helps you to improve your over all muscle tone.

I started resistance exercise about 6 months ago and I can’t believe how much better I feel and stronger. Yes I also make sure that I am stretching and doing aerobic exercise. I am using resistance bands that for your ease I have linked to here. Click on the resistance band picture at the bottom of this post. When I started the resistance exercise I had thought that I was in fairly good shape as I did aerobic exercise on a regular basis. Since starting the resistance exercise I find that I don’t get sore as often when doing something out of the ordinary.

Losing weight isn’t just about weight loss and exercise.

It is a lifestyle reset of the way we used to take care of ourselves and changing to a way of life that we can really feel great about. Wouldn’t it be great if it also kept you out of a doctors office more often.  When we have a weight loss and exercise program that works, there is one other thing that happens to us; we feel more self confident as well as the added extra energy to do the things we like to do.

Unlike ineffective “magic” pills and fad diets on the market, there is a program that takes a different approach to weight management by focusing on three core principles: carefully formulated natural supplements, a healthy, delicious meal plan that makes sense, and simple, straightforward workouts that don’t take forever, designed to help consumers meet their goals. The result: not just a physical transformation, but also a healthier, happier outlook on life. This program offers a digital wellness library, access to licensed trainers and a social network of like-minded consumers, This program helps consumers gain emotional and physical strength to positively impact their families, friends and communities.

Remember weight loss and exercise is a way of life.

We can’t feel exercise is drudgery and so hard… We need to make sure that when we exercise it is fun and maybe a bit of a challenge. I get my resistance exercise done, then I go out side to do something a bit more aerobic, like mow the lawn (which I enjoy doing), kayaking, take a walk on the hills all around me, cross country skiing in winter, swimming at the YWCA or the best of all chasing my grand kids around. Find something that you like to do so that it isn’t work. A couple of suggestions would be taking the stairs instead of an elevator or riding a bike to the store down the road for your loaf of bread, or park your car at the far end of the parking lot for work or shopping.

When you chose any weight loss and exercise program make sure you get the support that you will need to lose the weight and to keep it off. That is what I love about this program that I have been doing. It is fun and it solidly works, not only to lose the weight but I feel great too. I am not starving all the time either. I have more than enough food, even to chase small grand children around all day.

Take the time to really check out this system of weight loss and exercise and see how great you will feel!





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