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What does a great weight loss plan require? The best diet food or something else?

Is it the best diet food or is it being satisfied with what you are eating so that you aren’t feeling like you are starving to death. Just to let you know that if you are on a diet and off again, each time it will become harder to lose the weight that you want. Our body goes into a ‘starvation’ mode and slows the metabolism down if we are not eating enough of the best diet food to give us the energy that we need to keep going. This includes any form of good food that is not processed. Eating good food vs. processed food can not only help you to lose weight it can also help you to stay healthier!

Weight loss plan and best diet food

Best Weight Loss Plan along with the Best Diet Food

What if you could find a great weight loss plan where you aren’t hungry all the time as well as you feel great. What if you saved lots of money at the grocery store and your family ate the same food you are and they all like it and become healthier at the same time? Would that be a great weight loss plan or what? I have found the best diet food plan that works this way. I have lost 9 pounds out of the 20 that I want to lose and I feel great. I have plenty of energy and I am not starving by any stretch of the imagination, sometimes I even feel too full. I also feel like I am changing the way that I choose to eat. I like that. Yes I have 11 more pounds to go but I know that when I get there I will stay there. I won’t have a problem with going back up because I am over eating again. My stomach and the way I feel will keep me that at my ideal weight. One of the biggest problems I think we have is that we think we need much more food that we really do. We have learned over time to eat the way the restaurants serve us, huge portions. We really don’t need that at all.

I just wrote a book about How to Eat Healthier to Keep the Doctor Away. In this book I don’t speak about any weight loss plan or the best diet food but if you make the changes that I list there you will lose weight and keep it off. Changing our eating habits to get away from the processed food in the grocery store makes us feel better and helps to get rid of our sluggishness from all the chemicals that are in the food. The best diet foods are the ones that can help us to be healthier and feel better. The great thing about it as we start changing our diet to be healthier is that our taste buds change also.

When I was in my early 20’s I was not overweight but I ate grocery store food with all the chemicals in it. I tried to climb a hill one day hiking and couldn’t figure out why the energy just wasn’t there to get to the top. I did make it but I was really winded and tired. Only several years later did I learn why that was. It was all the processed food that I ate everyday. It certainly wasn’t any kind of the best diet food at all.

What does a healthy weight loss plan look like? What is the best diet food to be eating?

Whole grains, fruits and vegetables, beans and non-grocery store meats. I say non-grocery store meats or organic meats as the processes that grocery store meat goes through before it gets to your table is awful and to me, toxic. You may even want to replace some of your meat with beans. You can buy organic canned beans that make it so you don’t have to go through the long process of cooking and soaking any longer. If you are going to cheat do it healthfully. You can make your own cookies with whole grains that are fantastic. You can replace oil in cookies with coconut oil or you can use a fairly thick unsweetened applesauce. One of the things that I have learned over the years is to substitute good healthy ingredients into foods that I enjoy to make it not only taste good, but to know for sure that I am getting good nutrition at the same time I am snacking.

Does a healthy weight loss plan and the best diet food really make you feel better?

Yes. I can tell you how much better I feel at this point. I started on the weight loss plan and even though I ate fairly well before as I don’t shop from a grocery store so no processed foods and junk. I just ate too much. I knew I was too heavy and that pulled me down both physically and emotionally. I am back into several of my clothes now and I have changed the way I even think about eating. I went to a potluck the other night and there were deserts there. I did try them but only a bite of each. I gave my hubby the rest as that was all I needed was a bite of each.That is a huge change from what I used to do. I would eat at least a big slice of cake or anything sweet for that matter.

Eating healthfully is so important. We as a country are too heavy. What if we all take a good solid look at a weight loss plan that works using the best diet foods.

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