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What is Alzheimers

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What is Alzheimers?

How can we avoid it. Are there things in your daily environment  that are destroying your memory, like toothpaste, or air conditioner filers?

What is Alzheimers that at least 1 in 8 Americans over 65 have,

What is Alzheimers

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almost half of those 85 and over have it and what is most scary is that more and more younger, under age 65 are getting it also. It is no longer just an old peoples disease. Not only that but how many of you either in your own family or a friends family that they are working with their aging parents that have it and how very hard it is to watch your parent wither away to nothing mentally left and eventually dying from this awful disease.

I do have some encouraging news for you who are concerned enough to step outside the medical profession (even though the studies have be done by the medical profession) to see if there isn’t something else you can do for those with a family history of what is Alzheimers or dementia. Now is the time to start looking at the prevention of what is Alzheimers and how it can destroy you and your family!

What is Alzheimers is becoming diagnosed so often and why…

Yes our population is growing older, and people are living longer but is there something else especially for those that are diagnosed in their 50’s and earlier? Could it potentially have something to do with the toxins in our every day lives… What about heavy metals like lead and aluminum that are in toothpaste, antiperspirants, ceramic mugs, household dust, newsprint, and more… What about mercury: dental fillings, air conditioner filters, cosmetics, vaccinations, and gas fumes to name a few.

Chemicals and pesticides as well as heavy metals are in our fruits and vegetables, bread, milk, cheese. antacids, aspirin, wine and beer, in come cases it is even in your drinking water. I wrote a book on this subject due to the massive marketing of chemically laden foods that are being marketed to our death. Check it out!  How to Eat Healthier to Keep the Doctor Away!

I think that by now we all know that exposure to toxic metals and chemicals can make our brain age much faster than it should. A four-year study at Johns Hopkins University did a study about lead in adult brains. They found that the adults that had high levels of lead in their bodies suffered a much greater aging in mental performance. As much as a five year decline on mental capacity. Click here to find out more reasons why toxins are bad for your brain.

What is Alzheimers is the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S. right now and for those over 65 it is the 5th leading cause of death. I for one am not surprised as there is no time in history that we as a people have been more exposed to toxic chemicals. Years ago we didn’t have the chemists to make the chemicals so we didn’t have them put into everything we eat, drink, wear or put on our skin. Medicine doesn’t have a cure or anything to really slow the progress of it down, at least not that they are willing to pass on to the public as it seems the best remedies for it are in the natural world and what we can do for ourselves with a little bit of education.

Is there a way to severely restrain the damaging effects of all these toxins from causing dementia and what is Alzheimers effects? Yes there are natural solutions that had drastically help your mental powers to not disappear as we age. I found some really great reports that are easy to follow and have some solid information about naturally keeping our brain power as well as boosting it and improving our concentration.

Click here and you’ll know exactly what you need to do to stop those ‘senior moments’ from happening, to find out how to recall names, phone numbers, shopping lists, and other information just as easily as you did 10…maybe even 20 or more years ago.

Even more important, you’ll discover how to make sure you won’t end up in a nursing home or forget who your loved ones are due to Alzheimer’s…

Yes you can take control the toxins that are taking on your brain and your body, and enjoy a sharper memory, better focus, and the peace of mind you deserve. These simple yet powerful remedies I want to tell you about are M.D. reviewed and approved, and backed by clinical studies. Simply click here right now for all the details…it could save your life, your brain or that of a loved one!

Here’s to avoiding what is Alzheimers for good!

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