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What is Inflammation

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What is inflammation in our body and what does it do to us?

Does it makes us sick, or is it just the healing part of our bodies? How has it gotten to the point that it is what is harming us also? Many studies have come out and are still coming out about inflammation and what it is doing to us. Also why has it now become such a big deal? What and how is inflammation going from being the good guy to being the bad guy in keeping us healthy?

What is inflammation

What does inflammation look like in each of us and how can we get rid of it.

What is inflammation and what causes inflammation?

We have always known that it is inflammation that fights off the microbial invaders harm our bodies from sickness, not so clean water and when we get a cut. Yes that is all true, it is the thing that helps us to heal. If that is the case why do we have so many problems with inflammation now? Why are researcher coming out with information about what is inflammation that it would be the major cause of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, asthma and Alzheimer disease to name just a few.

What is inflammation? I just linked a TIME magazine article to that question so that if you want to know a bit more without getting into medical journals you can take a peek there. Perhaps we need to look at our diet. The average American diet that has so much junk in it, i.e. not only too much carbohydrate but preservatives and chemicals our bodies are constantly trying to fight off.

Are there foods that are causes of inflammation in our body? Yes I will name a few of them: Sugars of course as there is sugar or high fructose corn syrup in almost any form of processed foods. Polyunsaturated fats as well as trans-fats. commercial grocery store meats that have been raised on feed lot farms. Processed meats are full of all kinds of chemicals, alcohol, refined grains, artificial food additives and colors. If you are allergic to anything you should not be eating it as allergic reactions are an attack of inflammation.

I just mentioned that artificial food additives are a problem in our food but what about all the chemicals that are being put into our bodies from the medications that our doctors tell us to take or we buy off the shelf. I am quite sure that there will never be a study on medications and how they can hurt us or cause inflammation in our bodies as that might hurt a bottom line of a few companies but I am counting on that being a fact. Our bodies don’t like anything that is not natural in it. Will our bodies absorb it? Oh yes but is that one of the causes of inflammation in our body?

Is there anything that can be done about the problem of what is inflammation in our body? Yes, there is a simple blood test that you can have called CRP, High sensitivity C-reactive protein test. Your score should be 3 or under if you think you are perfectly healthy. I am not sure that most doctors even do this test yet, but if you are having a physical ask him to do it.

The other thing you can do is be like me. I just assume that what is inflammation in my body is going to harm me so I deal with it. Your doctor will try to put you on a drug to get your inflammation down but drugs have side effects. If I am going to put something in my body to fix my inflammation problem. I don’t want it to make something else go haywire.

There are foods that can help inflammation in you body. Most vegetable and fruits especially if they are eaten raw are good as that is how you will get your greatest nutrition from them. Many of the nuts are anti-inflammatory and most of the fish are anti-inflammatory. Only 2 oils are good for reducing the causes of inflammation; extra virgin olive oil and avocado oil. There are several herbs that are good for reducing the causes of inflammation; echinacea, comfrey, chamomile, oregano and turmeric to name a few. one other thing that they have found that reduces the causes of inflammation in our bodies is exercise. Not getting enough exercise makes it so that our bodies are more susceptible to inflammation.

What is inflammation and what can we do about it?

So we know that inflammation can make us very sick… is there anything out there that is easy to eat, easy to digest that can help with inflammation. Yes. In this blog I have linked to a video That will give you a bit more information about the actual fruit that is the only known fruit with antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory properties without side effects. If you are serious about getting rid of inflammation there is only one product on the market that a doctor won’t recommend but the Mayo Clinic is right now doing a double blind study on to find out how much inflammation it will take care of in the body especially in relationship to heart disease. The biggest problem with what is inflammation to me is that the doctors want to put you on statin drugs that have so many side effects. What I am recommending here is all natural and has a ton of science behind it. I drink it daily and I have watched all my allergies just go away.

If you want to solve causes of inflammation problem and really learn more about what is inflammation, click here and you will be glad you did.

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