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What is Silver Water

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What is Silver Water? or another term for it is Colloidal Silver.

What is silver water? It is a fantastic product that the medical profession doesn’t want you to know about which is why they label it bad for you. They can’t make any money off it.  I totally disagree. I had an experience that I can say for sure that it works. Does it work on everything 100% of the time all the time? Just like any medicine, food or herb that is supposed to work on some problem or another… no it doesn’t work 100% of the time. Our bodies are all very different and therefore what works on me may not always work for you.

Let me tell you my story of introduction to what is silver water or colloidal silver. I had a bone infection in my foot from a surgery. The doctor had me on very strong antibiotics that were doing absolutely nothing for my infection. I was on them of 5 or 6 weeks…nothing! I put out an e-mail to my natural foods co-op friends and asked them if any of them knew anything for a bone infection (the doctor was looking to totally deform my foot more than it already was and I was aiming to avoid that surgery). One of my friends mentioned a friend that knew what is silver water and was willing to make me a jar of it. Within 4 days my infection was gone. The doctor still wanted to do surgery “as it will come back”… It has been 10 years and it has never come back. What do you think? Would you have done the surgery unnecessarily?

So what is silver water? or better yet what is colloidal silver.

How safe is it? You know I saw that blue guy on TV… he was so weird, I don’t want to look like that!!! I have heard of exactly 2 people (their may be more but not many) in all of history of that ever happening to. One was about 100 years ago and this one that we all saw on TV. One thing I would like to mention about him is that he said that he got rid of several health problems which is why he continued to drink lots of colloidal silver. Much more than you should. Yes I feel that it is safe. I have been using colloidal silver for these past 10 years… I am not blue! My husband of 7 years is the one that gave me the jar of colloidal silver way back then and he has been using it 12 years or more and he is not blue. We don’t drink a lot daily and we use it wisely as you should any herb or medication. It is not something to be drunk down like water.

So what is silver water usages? I use it as a mouth rinse, it kills the bacteria without alcohol or chemicals. If I feel like I am coming down with something, I swallow it, if not I don’t swallow it, but spit it out. I use it when my stomach is upset or I am coming down with a cold or flu. We use it externally for cuts and scrapes. I do not use hydrogen peroxide but colloidal silver instead as it is much less destructive for the skin. I have found it to be effective agains bacteria, viruses and fungus. If I am getting a fungus like athlete’s foot… I use it on that externally. It generally goes away very quickly, like overnight!

What is silver water used for in any form by the AMA.

Yes; what is silver water that the medical profession uses?  There are burn creams and antibiotic creams with silver in it. Bandages that have silver fused into the pad that touches the skin  as it is antibiotic in the pad. The eye drops that a baby gets are silver nitrate to prevent infection from the birth canal. It has been used for centuries and more recently they are using erythromycin. They are not using the silver nitrate any longer as they found that it is possible that it can be irritating to the infants eyes. I have use colloidal silver in my eyes for an infection with no problem and no pain. I have found that the infection generally goes away with in a day.

In the 1940’s what is silver water was pretty much discontinued from use for many different treatments of disease. This happened due to the fact that antibiotics came out about then and medicine could make money from them. I have been reading the side effects of silver and you know I can’t see where it is any more dangerous than the drugs that they give you over the counter… How many of them have massive side effect and that isn’t a problem? Not to mention how many have died because of drug reactions or interactions with other drugs.

What is silver water uses besides humans… Our dog gets it on a regular basis. He cannot use any of the drops on the back of the neck so we give him colloidal silver to keep the Lyme’s disease at bay. I have actually healed a major abscess on his neck with colloidal silver being shot into the abscesses with a plastic syringe. It killed the bacteria and allowed the cyst to heal.

How do I get my hands on Colloidal Silver if I want to choose to use it? You can buy it in most health food stores, and yes it is quite expensive. I make my own and you can buy anything from a fancy generator which makes it very easy to make your own or just buy the silver wires, tester and make your own generator. I have included a link to be able to go to a great place to get what ever you many need. What is silver water, a great way to keep you healthy.

59 Responses to What is Silver Water

  1. Chon Krager says:

    I had a puppy that had parvo. Took him to the vet got shots and was told he had a 50/50 chance to survive. A friend of mine told me he makes silver water and says it is a miracle drug and has helped him and his wife through a various colds and flues.So i said what the heck, and he maid me some. I gave my puppy a table spoon for 2 days and on the third he was back to the lil terror that he was before he got sick. that was 25 years ago. Now my 8 month old puppy Roxy has gotten some form of dog flue for 2 weeks now. Vet gave her shots and there is no change. Barely eats and am having to give her gator aid through a big turkey baster. So I’m looking for some silver water for her. I’ll let u know how she is doing in a few days.

    • Cyndi Redmond says:

      If you follow my links it will take you to UTOPIA SILVER. I make my own and I get my products from there. You will need about 12-14″ of silver wire, and a tester from them. The rest you can pick up at a hardware store. Which is alligator clips and 3 batteries 9volt batteries. They also have Colloidal Production Equipment there that you can purchase and that will get you completely set up. The one thing that I see is that they some of the kits they leave off the TDS EZ PPM tester. You do want to have that. Good luck. We find CS to be so useful in so many ways.

  2. Hello am Roberta Rolle says:

    I am trying to find a way to grow my hair back. I have traction alopecia, and the dermatologist told me ,my hair will not grow back. I have scalp scarring and a good amount of hair loss . i have been losing my hair for the past ten years ,and i wil lnot stop looking for something that can re-generate my scalp , i do beleive this silver water can help me. please tell me how to make it or where can i find it ,and thank you so much for sharing this information.

    • Cyndi Redmond says:

      I do not know if silver will help with your hair loss as it is primarily know for it’s anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-biotic qualities. It is interesting that I got this comment today as I was reading today about burdock and it is being used in some places for hair loss. You can dig up some burdock root and soak it in olive oil. If it is fresh root fill your jar with the root, if dried (you can get that from my Natural Herbal Remedies page on this website) fill jar 1/3 full and cover root with the oil. Place in a 100 degree oven for 1 hour then on the counter covered with a cloth for 2 weeks. Strain out the stems and use daily.

    • Lisa says:

      Is the silver water working for your alopecia?

      • Cyndi Redmond says:

        No idea if it would help or not. All you can do is try it.

        • joanne says:

          It appears coilloidal silver is a needed medication. How does one make it? In one of your posts, you say to follow your link. The link was not apparent. Can you provide the link? Thanks!

          • Cyndi Redmond says:

            Click on the Picture at the bottom of my blog that says Utopia Silver. Shortly I will add another post explaining how we do it.

  3. […] considerations-It is actually true that right at your own place you can actually make your own silver is actually good that you are a citizen who is willing to do things on your own but for a moment […]

  4. marlene vandale says:

    im a newby to silver water and was wondering if it could help my dog with arthartis is his leg , hes only six and almost a 3 legged dog now , hes on anti-infolammatoirues from vet , but doesnt seen to dio much 🙁 hes ok but soon as we go for a walk , hes back to square one and hopping around on three legs again , plzz if anyone can give me a remedy with silver water ill try it

    jan 10 2014

    • Cyndi Redmond says:

      It is possible that it will help the arthritis but arthritis is an inflammatory problem. If you go to my What is inflammation page that is much more likely to help. The product there for inflammation is the only one on the market that does not have side effects and is good for dog and human. Yes I have fed it to my dog as well as myself and my hubby, and it does work.

  5. Chris says:

    Good morning. I just returned from a trip to Mexico where it seems I was unfortunate enough to pick up a bug. I’ve had stomach craps and diarrhea for several days now. I thought at first it was just a side effect of too much mezcal and going off my usually vegan diet. But after this many days I realize that I must have some unwanted visitors in my belly. A friend told me her parents make their own Silver Water and that she would bring me some. Is it safe to rest assured that the Silver Water should help return my normal gut functions? Thank you in advance.

    • Cyndi Redmond says:

      Silver might help but I would look into charcoal water first. It is one of the best for diarrhea or stomach ailments.

  6. Sini says:

    Good Day all.i feel silly for only learning about silver water today.I Have personally spoken to people that it has helped,so my faith in it is somewhat strong.I have had breathing issues together with chest discomfort which i now believe is leading to anxiety.i have been for all medical tests(CT scans,ECG Lung function tests),all results are 100%,but clearly iam not. after hearing about the glories of silver water,will it help me in any way??Thanks

    • Cyndi Redmond says:

      If there is any infection it would probably help but going to my page called What is Inflammation would help more. I have asthma and I know others that have it that have been drastically helped with the product on that page.

  7. James says:

    So, whoever wrote the above, where do I find the directions and ingredients to make Silver Water?

    Thank you.

    • Cyndi Redmond says:

      click on the link at the bottom of the page if you want to make your own… otherwise you can buy it at the health food store which is more expensive.

  8. Miriam Walters says:

    I have been suffering from chronic sinus for years and have used from the cheapest to the most expensive (for my pocket that is)prescribed and over the counter medication. A friend of my brother in law told him about it and he thought I must give it a try, since it took the friend wife’s headache, sinus etc. away. I have been spraying my nose in the morning and evening and have not touched one single tablet since I started four weeks ago. I must add that I had it sinus so bad that I could not even lift my head from the pillow sometimes and had to overdose on various medication just to feel some sort of relief. I can recommend this with a broad smile.

  9. Rob James says:

    Last year April 2013, My wife contracted MRSA form a hospital visit. She developed abscesses in her armpit area and had to have surgery. The doctors prescribed strong doses of antibiotics to get rid of the MRSA. From the antibiotics, my wife developed Stevens Johnson Syndrome and nearly died an agonizing death, losing 87% of her skin and sspent weeks in a burn center recovering. She never fully recovered from the MRSA and this year had a severe relapse again with the same abscesses in her armpit area and they gavbe her strong antibiotics again, causing another relapse of Stevens Johnson Sydrome. Again, she nearly died and spent weeks in the hospital. I did some research on Colloidal Silver water and decided that we had to try it. We purchased the Silver water from a local Health store on Saturday morning and she took three one tablespoon doses throughout the day. The next morning, Sunday, she woke up and all signs of MRSA had disappeared. The abscesses that were in her armpits were completely gone overnight. It’s been a week and she is feeling better and has no signs of MRSA and she is making a full recovery. If we would have used this a year ago, she would have never gotten the Stevens Johnson Sydrome and she wouldn’t have suffered for all that time withpain and agony.
    Everyone should know about the benefits of Silver Water.

  10. Akosua Serwaa says:

    My daughter is suffering from Lupus for the past 4years can silver water help her in any way?

    • Cyndi Redmond says:

      I have no idea if it would help, my guess is that the information under the title of What is Inflammation would help more than silver, as Lupus is related to inflammation.

  11. Odane H. says:

    I have heard that silver water can fight against the Ebola virus.Is this really true?

    • Cyndi Redmond says:

      It would make sense that it would but I would not make that claim. It is good against fungus, bacteria and virus. Does it always work… no just like medications don’t always work.

  12. Gary Butt says:

    Hello, WHen you do take the silver water how much do you take at a time. (Teaspoon or Tablespoon)? How long do you take it?
    Thank you

    • Cyndi Redmond says:

      I have been taking colloidal silver for over 10 years. If I am really sick I take up to 1/3 cup per day. I put it in my mouth, swish it and hold it for a minute then swallow. If I am just trying to get the bacterial from my teeth probably about a tablespoon and sometimes spit it out.

  13. charles Dotse says:

    Dear sir,
    Please where can I get silver water to buy in Ghana?
    Truly yours,

    • Cyndi Redmond says:

      I cannot say as I would not know… You can order it internationally her in the US though I would guess. My link can help you with that.

  14. […] So, when my mom said that silver water will protect us from disease, she basically meant that silver is a specific metals which can stop the growth of germs and microbes on contact. Silver and copper are best known in this regard and are often used in commercial applications. Among germicidal metals, however,silver is of greater importance because it is the only metal that is completely non toxic to the body. In fact, silver has been used since ancient times to not only keep stored water “sweet” and germ free, but also to speed the healing of wounds and minimize the formation of scar tissue. Also I even read an amazing story about a miracle effect of a silver water which helped to cure a bone infection. Check the article if you’re interested.  […]

  15. Justine N says:

    The only reason he turned blue was because he used chemicals to break down the silver in his water. He did it wrong (realizing this after he turned blue) and corrected his mistake.

  16. Venita says:

    Would I be able to use this on my German shepherd reoccurring ear infections please?

  17. Eve says:

    I heard it’s not to safe with pregnant women but also heard that it can help the babies growth? I also heard it can help herpes…a non treatable virus….is that true as well???

    • Cyndi Redmond says:

      I don’t know about pregnant women, I do have a friend that has taken it while she was pregnant, no problems. I won’t say it is safe. You know anything too much is not good. Herpes it helps with, does it completely take it away, I don’t think so but if you have an outbreak I feel certain it would help.

  18. alison says:

    I have suffered from crowning dermatitis for 6years and staff infection all the time. I was on high levels of antibiotic, off and on years and years. I was told to try Colloidal Silver by a friend and it disappeared in days. My body is still recovering from the stress to my hands for so long and my immunity so low, but this works. It’s amazing. I haven’t felt sick either since taking 5mls a day. I just take a sip every morning of Colloidal Silver. This should be advertised so people know the amazing instant results that really work.

    • Cyndi Redmond says:

      yup! I understand. I had a bone infection several years ago. I was told about silver and tried it. After being on very strong antibiotics for 4 or 5 weeks, silver took it away in 4 days. Pretty great stuff.

  19. ross says:

    Hi just found out about silver water.
    is it good to help with diabetes control like I have been told.

    thanks ross.

    • Cyndi Redmond says:

      I have not heard about that use for it. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for it. It could get very expensive if you are purchasing it from a health food store or even on line. If you make your own it is quick easy and cheap. Use the ad block at the bottom of the post for purchasing the stuff you need to make it for yourself. Shortly I will write a blog about how we make it.

  20. Bra Qhuarmy says:

    Hello Can Silver Water fight againt STI’s,and Tonsilitis??

    • Cyndi Redmond says:

      Silver is known in the natural world as fighting bacteria, viruses and fungus. I have seen it do all 3. Is it the cure all for everything. No, nothing is including medications. It is one of the things in my medicine chest that I go to on a regular basis.

  21. Mary says:

    I have svt rapid heart rate can i use silverwater or not will it bother my heart

    • Cyndi Redmond says:

      My suspicion is that no it won’t hurt it, but I have no real idea I am not a doctor. I have some heart issues and yes I use it. That is up to you as no doctor will tell you to use it.

  22. vickie says:

    I have just heard of the silver water. my family have no so good genes. all kinds of illnesses. i am wanting to learn more and where to find this.

    • Cyndi Redmond says:

      To find the information about making silver click on the picture at the bottom of the page for Utopia Silver. I know what silver has done for myself and others. I have seen many things get well again. No doctor will tell you to use it and they will probably advise against it. You had the “blue man” on TV several years ago. He took it incorrectly. When you are really sick you can take more than a tablespoon per day, but other than that there are days that I take none because I don’t need to stop a sickness. I use it externally as well as internally. Sliver is not the only thing you should look at. Look at your nutrition, what chemicals are in your food. Is your food full of GMOs or pesticides? Do you eat a lot of sugar? Seaweed especially from the East Coast of the US is very healthy! (I say East Coast as no one know what has happened to the waters of the Pacific Ocean since Fukushima). I have a website on seaweed information; It talks about nutrition of seaweed and has some food items also that you can buy. It is a journey to get yourself and family away from medicine and into wellness but it can be done.

  23. Michele says:

    My daughter has been throwing up since Mid January 2016. She has type1 diabetes. They ran test everything is normal. My child was 170 pounds now she is 143 pounds she is nauseated she has had stomach and side pain: all the doctors and specialist state they don’t know what’s going on. She is throwing up Bile they said that is due to her smoking marijuana. I got silver water she threw that up. Can anyone help me . I am a mom who has not sleep or eaten worried about my once healthy 19 year old.,
    Signed heartbreaken Mom

    Michele Caver

    • Cyndi Redmond says:

      I can completely understand. My daughter is also very ill. I have very little faith in doctors as they still don’t know after 3 years what is going on with my daughter. Has your daughter had the gardasil vaccine? I am suspicious that is what has made my daughter ill. I obviously can’t prove it but you are right it is awful. As far as her smoking marijuana, unless she is allergic to it, it shouldn’t make her sick. I would say to you that the only way to really figure out what is going on, may be to do your own research. I will start you in the direction of going back to my website “What is Inflammation”, “Natural Herbal Remedies” I would read up on Activated Charcoal. That is something that is a great healer. I got some of the information out of the book on my website call, “Be Your Own Doctor” by Rachel Weaver. I have used it several times with great success.

  24. shilpi Vats says:

    i have blocked fallopian tubes and unable to conceive since 8 years.
    will silver water help

    • Cyndi Redmond says:

      Unless it is bacteria or something like that blocking your tubes, it won’t help that I would know of. All you can do is try it for yourself.

  25. Wilson says:

    If you don’t want to go through the trouble of making your own colloidal silver I sell it for $50.00 a quart plus s&h It’s in concentrations of 10-15 ppm I’ve been using it for over 10 years and wouldn’t want to go a day without it!

    • Cyndi Redmond says:

      You can sell it for $50.00 per quart if you would like and I know they get away with that in stores and on line but I make mine for about $2.00 a quart if that. There is no reason why it should be sold for that amount of money except to rip off the consumer. Even if you buy an expensive maker vs. making your own $50.00 is absurd.

  26. joey says:

    where will i get de silver water in ghana. & i believe it works

    • Cyndi Redmond says:

      If Utopia Silver sells to Ghana, you can click on the Utopia Silver box at the bottom of my page and order from there. Email them and ask.

  27. King says:

    I have got a dent on my head with constant headache and have met with several doctors but known seem to say something relevant.

    Can this help with it?


    • Cyndi Redmond says:

      I have no idea if it will help your headache. If there is no infection, virus or fungus associated with that I would say no. What I think might help is the juice I talk about on the page called “What is Inflammation” If anything can help that would be it.

  28. Dawn says:

    My dog has Cushing’s disease and I’ve heard that silver water could help her. I would be willing to give it a try but have no idea how much to give her or how often etc.

    • Cyndi Redmond says:

      Go to the picture of Utopia Silver on the bottom of my page. You can click there and order what you need to make your own. It is in health food stores also but it is enormously expensive there. I make mine for at tops $2.00 a quart.

  29. Elvis says:

    Can silver water treat haepatitis ?

    • Cyndi Redmond says:

      My guess is that it might help… Sometimes things have to run their course also. If you click on the Utopia Silver thing at the bottom of my page you can buy the things you need to make your own much, much less expensively than buying it at a health food store. Hep is not fun and I have been there and done that. May God guide you through it!

  30. Lori northam says:

    Cyclic vomiting syndrome a.k.a stomach migraine. I will suggest this remedy to my ex-husband.I have fibromylasia anyone use it for this disease ?

    • Cyndi Redmond says:

      If those things are related to virus, fungus or bacteria it may work. If not I do not know. For Fibromylasia I would suggest reading my article on Inflammation as that is what that is related to.

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